Craft Beer Review – Huss Brewing That’ll Do IPA

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Huss Brewing That'll Do IPA

Huss Brewing That’ll Do IPA: Hailing from Tempe, AZ this is an IPA in an unassuming can that is brewed to a strength of 7.1% abv with 91 IBUs of Simcoe, Columbus and Zythos Hops according to the brewer’s website. I didn’t go there recently, however Mike’s Craft Beer was happy to share one with me (thanks Mike) after his last trip.

Aroma and Appearance: It pours a clear copper colour with one finger of foam and almost no visible carbonation. The aroma is a nice pine, bread, toffee, tangerine and mango combo that I have become accustomed to with this style.

Flavour: It starts of with some very tasty doughy bread malts up front, followed by some floral herbs and caramel in the middle of the beer which rounds out the malt profile quite nicely. The finish is quite bitter, featuring lemon citrus and hints of pine resin…

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