Venus: The Bringer of Peace by Bell’s

Michigan Brew Wulf

This is second in Bell’s seven part series called “The Planets”, an interpretation of Gustav Holst’s classical composition into beer. As we speak I am listening to Holst’s composition for Venus. The first released was Mars: The Bringer of War. A Double IPA, I posted about that back in August. Venus is a Blonde Ale brewed with Apricot, Honey, Cardamom, and Vanilla Bean.

The bottle art is as simple as Mars’ was, depicting it’s planet, role, and style. I love the simplicity, and the caps are cool because they’re colored by the planet, and simply say the planets name. It poured with a more fizzy than frothy head, and a beautiful golden color. It smells strong of Vanilla, and faintly of Apricots and Cardamom.

It has a very soft, smooth, yet crisp mouth feel. Very little carbonation present, but it lingers. The first flavors that come forward are the Apricots…

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