Sierra Nevada Brewing Company – Northern Hemisphere Hop Harvest IPA 2014

Humulus Lupulus Maximus

Rating: 4/5

Hops: Wet Centennial, Wet Cascade

POST NUMBER 50!!! Beer number four of five is now out for Sierra Nevada’s ‘Single, Fresh, Wet & Wild’ series of beer. This one features wet hops which are undried hops picked straight from the field and are in the kettle in less than 24 hours. This method keeps all of the hop oils and resins in an unaltered state. The color of this one is a beautiful amber-ruby complete with a healthy dose of off-white colored head. The aromas from this aren’t bursting with tropical notes, but are immediately piney, resin-y, and juicy. This leads into a very smooth, juicy flavor with a bitterness reminiscent of Torpedo IPA, but toned down. Don’t expect anything too hoppy here, this one was done in a fashion that brings out the qualities of the wet hops, not a hop overload.  Complementing this low key brew is a 6.7% ABV…

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