Big Muddy Vanilla Stout

365 Brew

Vanilla Stout 6% ABVBig Muddy Vanilla Stout
Milk / Sweet Stout
Big Muddy Brewing

I’ve had a couple of Big Muddy beers before.  I enjoyed them both.  They are solid beers.  Generally a Big Muddy 6 pack runs in the $8.99 range which is an ideal price point for their beers.  The other day, I happened upon a couple 6 packs of their Vanilla Stout and was intrigued.  I’m a big fan of Vanilla, and Stouts are my favor type of beer.  I wondered if this beer could be comparable to the Tall Grass Vanilla Bean Buffalo Sweat, I greatly enjoy.  I had picked up one of the 6 packs and then noticed the price, $11.99.  I was taken aback.  Why the $3 higher price tag on this Big Muddy beer?  As I was in the process of setting down the beers and moving on, someone else grabbed the other 6 pack. …

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