#PumpkinBeerWeek: Blatant Brewing – Pumpkin Ale


Hmmmm…….a complete impulse purchase from our friends at Craft Beer Cellar, we have heard a lot about their IPA (more on that later) but had no idea Blatant Brewing was doing a pumpkin ale this year.

Frankly, there’s not a ton of info to provide on this one, no real information on packaging (or internet for that matter) on ABV, spices used, etc. So, REALLY going off instinct here. Get a good amount of pumpkin and a decent amount of cinnamon here. Not quite the super colve-y/five spice you get elsewhere. Which is fine. The nice change of pace here is that it was VERY straightforward – no sweetness, not even a hint. If many taste like pumpkin pie, this one is One Pie, right out of the can, with a dash of cinnamon.

Nice change of pace – not a frontrunner, but a good pumpkin offering for those who…

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