Stoneface APA (Stone Face Brewing Company)

Beer in my Belly

Style: American Pale Ale

5.6% ABV

From: Newington, NH

Brewer’s Notes: [Not available… They don’t even have a beer section on their website? I know there are lots of important beer making things you guys are doing, but you should throw that up there so people can read lovely descriptions of your beer]

The beer pours a pale orange with yellow and green hints. A nice head of soapy white bubbles forms above the beer, with a healthy retention, and leaves an excellent smattered wall of splotchy lacing as it fades. On the nose, the beer smells of dank resin, grapefruit, mango, subtle herbal garlic, orange rind, and a spicy earthiness that adds an excellent twist to the end of the sniff. The beer has a properly pungent and hoppy nose that has me pleased. On the tongue, the beer tastes briefly sweet, with a quick drying twist towards bitterness…

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