Shizuoka Beer Tasting: Aoi Brewing-IPA


At long last, the long-awaited (a bit insistent, sorry!) new craft beer by Aoi Brewing is being served on the tap at AOI BEER STAND in Shizuoka City, Aoi Ku, Miyuki-cho!



Actually, the news are that the fourth batch being brewed will include Alt, pale Ale, IPA, and one more new beer, Golden Ale all to be served on tap end of October or beginning of November!

And one more beer, Christmas Ale also being brewed!


Reasonably priced (in Japan)!


Served on tap
Barley, Australian Galaxy hop and Kent Golding (English) hop, crystal malt and maris otter malts, live yeast
Double hopping with a repeat of Kent Golding
Alcohol: 6.3 %
Clarity: slightly smoky (normal considering live yeast and being unfiltered), very clean
Color: dark orange, persimmon
Bubbles: fine bubbles. longish head, light orange hue
Aroma: light, pleasant, deep, bread
Taste: very fruity, smooth, deep, dry and refreshing…

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