Yuengling is here! Relax, it’s just beer

Never Leave the Bar


“Thank the beer Gods! Yuengling is finally in CT. It is so good! This is the best beer I’ve ever had!” – Said someone who had no clue what real beer is…

Yuengling finally hit shelves in CT this week. And like we act with anything new, people/casual beer drinkers are freaking the heck out. Slow your roll, this isn’t that special.

Now, don’t get me wrong. For what it is, it is a pretty solid beer. A light, tasty lager that comes in near Heineken and Rolling Rock on my personal beer hierarchy. Though some are acting like Yuengling distributing into CT is something akin to Alchemist becoming available at your local Stop N Shop…

I suffered through 12 months of existence in the great state of New Jersey and Yuengling is readily available there. It is decent to sip on and you could drink 14 if you wanted…

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