wEiRD bEEr WEdNeSdAy (week 3)


Week 3 of Weird Beer Wednesday turned out to be really successful. We had a few new friends join us in our tasting of weird beer and this beer takes the lead for the worst ever.  OMG this was literally a death wish by death in a can!! The first sip was enough to make you want to never drink again.  I am still wondering how this beer has an Untappd user rating of just over 3.5 stars. I am beginning to think these people rate the crappy, horrible, undrinkable pipe cleaner beers high so other people will go try them.  It’s a conspiracy if you ask me. This beer was literally the devil. Devil’s Harvest from Southern Prohibition Brewery has successfully become the worst beer out of every beer I have ever tried in my years of attending brew festivals and trying new beers at home.  I think my…

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