Shorts Brewing – Wowee Zowee

Michigan Brew Wulf

Woweezowee! No that’s just me showing my excitement over this beer! This is Wowee Zowee by Short’s brewing of Belaire Michigan. One of my favorite breweries in Michigan, Short’s is the only one capable of something so creative. This is a Golden Ale brewed with Mint, and Mango. It sounded really strange to me at first too, but don’t be put off by it. The brew impresses, I promise.

The bottle art depicts a swirl of orange and green, with mint leaves and slices of mango. Being a golden ale, it is in fact golden in color, and filtered well. It has a very fizzy head as opposed to a frothy one. It smells like an IPA or Pale Ale, almost like it’s going to hop the mouth out of you. You can also smell the mango, and a hint of the mint. Upon drinking it though, it tastes like…

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