Review: Southern Tier Brewing Co. | Pumking

Malt Fiction.

a2007 FINAL hoppe 22oz bottle

I sat on the floor, contemplating punch lines and wisecracks about prematurity. Each one was more dastardly and shameful than the last. In reality, I was crippled by writers’ block. Think about it: to try to stay fresh and innovating writing beer reviews is, frankly, stupid. The torpid heat of the so-called dog days of summer was wearing upon me. The cheap paneling on the walls bled together in the humidity. I was becoming bitter, constipated, somewhere between a Danny Devito and a half-eaten chicken salad sandwich left out on the curb of a sidewalk in the sun. I so longed for the browning of the leaves, the crispness of the air. The company of overly-friendly hirsute men and women celebrating a banner year for the harvest, a bumper-crop of apples and disturbingly contorted gourds were all I craved. The beginning of an end, a cleansing decline, a trip into…

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