Bells Brewing – Mars the Bringer of War

Michigan Brew Wulf

Mars the Bringer of War. This beer is a one time release (as I’ve been told) by Bells. It is part of a series that Bells is doing called “The Planets Series” in dedication to Gustav Holst musical composition “The Planets.” So basically these are seven beers that are based off the music in the work, and interpreted into beer. A very unique idea I haven’t witnessed before. They will be releasing a new one every other month until they are all released. “But if they’re based on the planets, why are there only seven?” you ask? Well in Gustav Holst’s composition he did not include Earth, and Pluto had not been discovered at the time. I just wonder, and kind of hope, that the brewers at Bells make the yeast listen to the planet’s composition they’re dedicated to.

So Mars! The Bringer of War! Another DIPA that Bells released…

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