Beer Exploration of the Week: 2 New Pumpkin Brews

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I have indulged in yet another two autumn craft beers, these two happened to be pumpkin ales.

I will tell you right away – one of the following two beers I tried was absolutely outstanding in flavor, color and presentation. The other one was a beer I will soon forget about.

As always, you can refer to my Sip Score to see how I lay things out.

HornyCopia  Pumpkin Ale

First, I have to give this brewery credit for their clever names. Check out their website for HornyCopia_Beerthe full list of beers, but Horny Blonde, Baby Got Bock, Hopped Up N’ Horny IPA… you get the picture!

This beer is very carbonated at first sip – not a very powerful pumpkin flavor, but you can definitely taste some spices. This is perfect for the beginner craft beer drinker.

Here’s how Horny Goat Brewing coins the beer:

“We mash in pumpkins…

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