Yes, we DO have bananas: Wells (@WellsAndYoungs) – Banana Bread Beer


20140929_193444Aaaah.  Eve and I shared a bottle…

Bananas and beer.  A winning combination?  I wasn’t so sure…but then I tried it and, well, read on…

I approached this beer with a little trepidation, as some of Eve’s female friends “love it” and I know for a fact that those friends don’t like traditional beers – so I was pretty sure that this wasn’t going to be to my taste, but you know how it goes, these things must be done – and I do like most beer and I definitely like bananas too, so surely it can’t be that bad…

Banana Bread Beer arrives a nice russet/light-copper colour.  And that’s precisely where all normal “beeriness” stops.

The aroma is lightly malty with a few mineral notes and a light peppery underscore.  Over the top of this is well-judged dose of banana – and I do mean banana, not…

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