Thursty Thursday

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Session Beers

The craft beer industry is trending in many wonderful directions. It’s growing as an industry. It’s growing in production and producers. I’ts growing in consumption and consumers. I feel this has all led to a new “downstream” trend: session beers. Follow me here…

With the early days of Craft Beer came a push not only for big flavor but for big buzz as well. High ABVs were the thing. Stronger the better. “Your beer is 8 percent? Mine is 8.7, dude.” That is no longer. Craft beer is growing as I said before, but on both ends of the supply and demand chain. More people are making beer and more people are wanting to try their beer. That, coupled with another characteristic of the Craft Beer community: the “variety per sitting” factor, for lack of a better term. People not only want to try new beer, they want…

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