Tasting Notes: Lost Abbey: Cuvee De Tomme

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Lost Abbey Cuvee De Tomme

Lost Abbey: Cuvee De Tomme (USA: Sour Ale: 11% ABV)

Visual: Very dark brown with hints of black cherry red. Browned bubbles at edges but basically no head. Still of main body.

Nose: Gummed brown paper. Vanilla and white chocolate. Sour cherries mixed with strawberry jelly. Sour red wine. Wet twigs. Flavoured vodka. Cheesecake.

Body: Tart. Cider apples. Tart raspberries and sour cherry sweets. Apple crumble. Toffee. Vinegar and brown gummed paper. Notable alcohol. Sour red wine soaked raisins. Cheesecake. White grapes. Madeira cake.

Finish: Acidic apple. vanilla toffee. Strawberry jam. Sour cherries. Raspberries. Gummy. Palma violets. Twigs. Drying into charred oak.

Conclusion: Well. Holy shit. Sometimes beers do live up to the hype. You know how I have been on the fence about Rodenbach Grand Cru – half enticed – half wondering how vinegar touched beer works? And how I enjoyed the Caractere Rouge, but it lost some…

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