Stein Bier Keller York

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Stein Bier Keller York Party Bavarian Style!

This Saturday night we went to the grand opening of York’s new Stein Bier Keller for some authentic Bavarian fun! Following promises of Oompah bands, giant sausages and world renowned beer we booked a table for the 6 of us and headed down.

I wasn’t too sure where this was at first but it turned out to be on Toft Green right next door to the new Fibbers venue. It had seemingly sprang out of nowhere with a grand entrance surrounded by large, wooden beer barrels!

After giving our name to the 7 bouncers on the door (who knew oompah bands were so dangerous) we headed in.

The room was a small, dark little venue kitted out with wooden walls, animal horn decorations and large wooden benches. There’s definitely some effort been put into the design of this place.

We arrived at 8 and the show started…

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