Rooie Dop – Chica American IPA

The Northern Cap

Chica American IPA Chica American IPA

Rooie Dop are a small brewery from one of the growing capitals of beer, The Netherlands. They don’t stick to normal conventional beer. With the standard ideas of traditional strains being pushed to their boundaries with new and interesting flavours coming through in every sip.

With the IPA and Stout not being widely available in the Netherlands, Rooie Dop decided to take it upon themselves to bring the taste from across the water toward their homeland. there mission was to create a beer not based on style but on flavour.

Now I’m a fan of an IPA, so the chance to try a change of scene is always a pleasant welcome. A malty and lightly hoppy beer is a perfect change to the in your face punch of most IPA. Although the beer is relatively malty it is almost filling rather than light or crisp. Sour notes come…

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