Rinkuškiai Werewolf 8.2%

365 Brew

Werewolf 8.2%Werewolf 8.2%
Belgian Strong Dark Ale

She sits in her room alone.  The door shut and locked, the windows closed and the shutters latched.  Though the sun is shining brightly, producing a pleasant crisp early October day, she sits in darkness, dreading the approaching night.

This will not be her first.  She has undergone the transformation a handful of times before.  It matters not, though, if it has been once or hundreds of times she has experienced the curse; the agony that ensues, one never grows accustomed to.

So she sits, in terror, barricading herself from the world, protecting the world from that which she will soon become.  Not only is tonight to be a full moon, but also her first Blood Moon.

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