Nelson Brewing Company – Nelson BC

Mike's Craft Beer

Nelson BC in the Kootenays have a well known brewery in Nelson Brewing Company.  This iteration of the brewery has been brewing since 1992.  This building does have some interesting history though as the original Nelson Brewing Company started here in 1897.  This original brewery was combined with the 4 breweries operating in the Kootenays in the late 1950’s and was moved to Creston.  If you know Macro beer you will know their current best selling beer…. Kokanee.  Enough of this history lesson for now though as if you are reading this you probably could care less about that brewery or its beer.

NelsonBrewing-001  NelsonBrewing-002

The brewery does not have a tasting room at all but more a waiting room behind the front door.  There is really no reason to come to the brewery unless you have a scheduled pickup or tour arranged.  They are happy to do prearranged tours though…

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