St-Louis Gueuze Font Tradition

What am I drinking?

GueuzeStyle: Gueze/ Sour; Character: “It has the pure taste of a true geuze based on a blend of young and old lambics. ” Color: Hazy dark orange with pink hue; ABV: 4.5% Purchased: Aibonito Beer Garden, Cayey; Price: $12, large bottle

There’s a new kid in the beer playground; a weird kid, lurking in the fringes, but slowly making his presence known. There’s something different about him, something not quite right but irresistibly intriguing. And little by little he’s carving out his niche in the beer hierarchy.

Sour beer is in the process of dethroning IPA as the most challenging, intriguing, and potent beer style. Around the world sour beers are having their moment and some have managed to land on this strip of island. But what are sour beers?

It’s not a well-defined category, most of the time they aren’t labeled as sour but have cryptic names like Pulling…

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