Howling Good IPA: Black Husky Brewing’s Pale Ale Reviewed

Style: IPA ♦ ABV: 7.2% ♦ Price: $5.99/Bomber ♦ Availability: Year Round ♦ Container: 22 oz. Bomber Botttle ♦ Rating: 3.95/5.00

The Short: Black Husky’s Pale ale tastes like a walk through the Madison Community Gardens, lively, full of vigor and herbal tones it delivers a dry, hoppy IPA experience without sacrificing vital flavor notes. This is one IPA that I’m thoroughly glad to have picked up while on a trip to Wisconsin, seeking out brews one is not likely to find outside of Wisconsin.

Buy this beer if: you’re a drinker who prefers their beer very dry, with little to no sweetness, as well as an herbal bouquet combined with citrus notes, and a healthy dose of hops with a light finishing malt.

Don’t buy this beer if: you’re a drinker who love their beer sweet, hate oregano and similar spice flavors invading their brew, and can’t stand sour…

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