Day 6: Magic Hat Wilhelm Scream Pumpkin Ale


Tonight I sat back and sipped on Magic Hat Brewing Company’s “call for fall.”  Maybe I should have just dedicated this blog to the crazy labels that beer companies invent…  The packaging is complete with a human-like face carved into a wrinkled pumpkin.  The mouth is wide open, screaming into an old school microphone.  The tongue is actually a bat silhouette, looking as though its ready to fly right out of his mouth.  The only way to make this moment more complete would be to throw on my vinyl Fitz & The Tantrums and let it ride.

Every night, I coax Chris into trying the beer du jour just to get a different perspective.  Apparently, I’m being too hard on these beers.  “Magic Hat?” Chris asked, examining the bottle.  “They’re pretty good.  Oh yeah, I can definitely taste the pumpkin.”  I guess he forgot I’m a pumpkin beer snob…

the scream    

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