Røyk Uten ild (Smoke without Fire) – HaandBryggeriet (Drammen, Norway)



Royk Uten ild (Røyk Uten Ild), 8% ABV, 50cl., (Drammen, Norway)

It’s been over 2 year since I’ve had a HaandBryggeriet beer; I’m quite looking forward to this one since all of my previous reviews of theirs have been consistently good. (Dark Force = B+, Odin’s Tipple = B, Akevitt Porter = A).

description on ratebeer.com:

“Røyk Uten Ild (Smoke Without Fire) is our smoky beer, here we have tried to make a beer as smoky as we can using our smoked malt from Weiermann. We have made a fairly dark and flavourful beer. Apart from the special malt the rest of the malt bill (86%) is smoked malt. You could also say that this is a smoked wheat beer, because we have used our wheat beer yeast here. The…

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