River Horse Hop Hazard


River Horse Brewery is located in Ewing, NJ.  Started by two guys, Glenn and Chris, who were grinding it out everyday in finance jobs.  Having bigger dreams they decided to embark on a new journey to make craft beer.  Having sampled some of River Horses’s other beer selections, I decided to give Hop Hazard a try on this rainy saturday.

At 6.5% alcohol to volume content, it’s not as strong as some of their other IPA selections.  It is described as an ‘unfiltered american pale ale’.  The malts that are used in this beer consist of: Pilsen, Honey, Caramel 15, Melanoidin, Carapilsen, and Roast Barley.   While the hops include:  Chinook, Cascade, and Centennial.

The first sip.  Upon the initial taste I can sense the malts more than the hops.  For a beer called Hop Hazard, I don’t get the typical big hop flavor.  But there is a very balanced finish…

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