Grizzly Peak’s Humongous Imperial Red is, well, big

Thoughts Melt

I am not the biggest fan of North Peak beers (or their associated ‘Jolly Pumpkin’ brand either). I don’t know what it is. Too carbonated? Not adventurous enough? But I digress, it’s just too easy to criticize, and the world has enough negativity so I won’t add to it—unless it’s a good chance to unleash some humor, which, I’d argue, the world needs more of.

But I really do like North Peak’s wet-hopped seasonal, Hoodoo, which I can’t say or write without wanting to sing Cpt. Beefheart’s “Floppy Boot Stomp” backing chorus, “HA! HOODOO! HOEDOWN!” Anyway…

And I remember hearing about this Grizzly Peak offshoot series a couple years ago and here they finally are. The first one, Hellion, released a couple months ago was a very nice DIPA, my style of choice, for the most part. Humongous is billed as an Imperial Red…

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