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Its fall again!
Fall is that magical time of the year when some of my favourite things come out to play for the span of a mere month or two. People may make fun of #PumpkinSpiceEverything, but its such a treat and around for so limited a time that I feel its best to allow ones self to indulge. And beer is no exception! Pumpkin spice beers are some of my favourites, so lets talk about Phillips.

Last year the Crooked Tooth from Phillips Brewing was a big favourite. It was a nice balance of pumpkin pie and malt characertistics that created a just… well rounded, refreshing drink. But this year theres a new player — CrookedER Tooth.

The CrookedER Tooth differs from the Crooked by being aged in bourbon barrels as a finishing touch. And, my WORD, what a glorious finishing touch it is.
Everything is there. Its straight…

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