Beer – #480 – Yeastie Boys – The Sly Persuader

A life just as ordinary

Spoonbenders, sounds, numbers and cogitation

Extra pale blond ale with botrytised viognier candi-sugar.

The second of the  Spoonbenders series –  from Yeastie Boys this is  The Sly Persuader

For Yeastie Boys Brewed at Invercargill Brewery in the style of Golden Ale/Blond Ale and YB are in Wellington, New Zealand

Ok it's not a good impression. Ok it’s not a good impression.

This is the standard 375ml bottle, with a beer of 6% ABV and 1.56 standard drink units, this has all of 20 IBU’s, oh and 180 calories.

An extra pale Blond Ale throwing up a beguiling floral aroma, orange and apricot flavours, and a hint of clove in the dry finish.

Drink now or cellar for up to two years.

hahah two years… get over.

Soured up aroma that you might expect, but I did like the sweetness that followed. I’m not actually sure what this opening and smelling thing achieves, they all smell great…

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