Beer – #479 – Leffe – Radieuse

A life just as ordinary

Belgium, beats, bingo and brainwork

Strong and generous amber-coloured abbey beer

Amber-Coloured with delicate hints of citrus and coriander seeds. 

Brewed by InBev Belgium in the style that is Belgian Strong Ale and they hail from Leuven, Belgium

8.5% ABV of beer, in a 330 ml bottle, 2.21 standard drink units in this and 255 calories.

This beer combines a very complex taste palate and the fruity flavours of banana, citrus fruit, coriander and cloves, with a mild sharpness.

Went the matching top Went the matching top

Leffe Radieuse is an amber-coloured beer, rich in flavour and deliciously refined. Its complex taste is particularly enjoyed by true connoisseurs. It is a beer to drink instead of complex wines, with sophisticated and complex cuisines.

An emblem of age-old tradition, Leffe Radieuse’s amber hue reflects its magnificence. Its character is elegantly balanced out by notes of orange rind, coriander seeds and roasted malt. The distinct bitter…

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