Amsterdam Brewery – Boneshaker India Pale Ale

Drink N Brew

IMG_1845.JPGStarted as a brew pub in Toronto, Ontario in 1986, Amsterdam Brewery has continued to expand and produce many fine beers. Mostly available in Ontario, their distribution has started to expand – and this is good news for beer lovers. Making a varied array of year-round and seasonal ales and lagers, Amsterdam is a brewery to look for.

From the brewery: “Our very first batch of Boneshaker was brewed for a local IPA challenge. Our brewers poured copious amounts of hops into the brew, balanced it out with over 5 different malts, decided to leave it unfiltered it and allowed to naturally carbonate. The result? A truly unique taste experience and an award winning IPA! Expect fresh grapefruit & pine aromas followed by massive hop flavours!”

And what did I think?

Appearance: This ale pours with a dense, rocky, off-white, big head. The colour is a burnt, dark orange…

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