Review: Disco Soleil

Brew Brahs

Brewer: Dieu du Ciel!
Brewed in: St. Jerome QC
Percentage: %
Found: Broue HaHa

These guys brew such good beers that drinkers often exclaim “Dieu du Ciel!” (translation: OMG!) this is good! I try to drink in both official languages as often as possible.


The brew pours murky sunshine gold with ample carbonation and a fading white head. This interesting beer is brewed with kumquats. The nose is crisp with a tropical-sweetness, either thanks to the hops or the added fruit, with a nice wheat undertone. Despite thinking that kumquat was a dirty word, it’s actually an orange-like fruit native to South Asia that is often used in jams or as candies. The beer pulls bitterly at my cheeks as I take my first sip. This isn’t the sweet tropical pint I expected, rather it finishes with a delightfully sharp hop-forward bitterness. I wish I discovered this beer…

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