Beer-Cheddar-Mustard Pull-Apart Bread

Eat Joyfully

pull apart bread

Growing up in the South was heaven for a kid. Climbable magnolias and SEC football were everywhere. In our house, Autumn Saturdays were game days, and the living room echoed with curse words and the occasional War Eagle (in different ratios, depending on the year). These days were like something out of the Wonder Years, and any event like this always calls for a particular kind of snack.

You need something delicious and filling, because no real lunch will be served on this day. You need something easily shareable, because all of the other fans that have flocked to your TV will want a taste. This bread is the perfect gameday food.

I mean, let’s run through a quick checklist: Beer- good; Cheddar Cheese- good; Mustard- good; Bread- mmmmmm. How could this possibly go wrong?

Okay, so this recipe isn’t the easiest thing to make. It does require some measuring…

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