Weird Beard Brew Co – Five O’Clock Shadow

The Northern Cap

Five O'Clock Shadow American IPA Five O’Clock Shadow American IPA

Another Kitchen/Garage Brewer’s story with Weird Beard Brew Company coming into their own after taking a place the scene in London that has boomed over the last few years. Although the boys are said to be a little eccentric, it shines through in their style and beer. As an IPA you want that punch. You want to take your taste buds on an adventure. Weird Beard does not disappoint with their Five O’Clock Shadow. The huge taste of hops with the smooth after taste of a relaxing drink that you could happily enjoy after any situation. The hops that are thrown into this beer give you that and more. First impressions give you a sense of “oh, that’s a beer.” It tastes how an IPA should, with the hit of hops coming through in every sip. The mysterious label and fun little skull that makes…

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