Tasting Notes: Wild Beer Co: Toccalmatto: Indigo Child

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Wild Beer Co Toccalmatto Indigo Child

Wild Beer Co: Toccalmatto: Indigo Child ( England: Sour Ale: 8% ABV)

Visual: Hazy pale purple, or, ok indigo if you insist. A thin greyed head.

Nose: Floral. Pepper. Tart yet musky. Petals.

Body: Tart blackberry and black cherry. Sherbety yet acidic. tart cider apples. Oatmeal biscuits middle. Lemon touched. Palma violets. Floral.

Finish: Shortbread. Dried berries. Tart apples. Lemon curd.

Conclusion: Purple beer. Sure, why not? This is a tart, refreshing beer, using what seems to be wild beers speciality – A call to lambic lemon freshness, tart cider apples, infused with odd ingredients, and made just slightly rustic in a not quite saison way.

In this case the odd ingredients bring a mix of floral and dark berries. Very odd considering it seems gooseberries were what they actually used, but bear with me here. It is almost like drinking a black berry infused potpourri.

You know, I have…

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