Recipe: Beef stew with brown spiced biscuits & Grimbergen

Taste Belgium

Yes! We are famous for our beer, waffles and French fries… But another total classic is our Belgian stew. You can prepare it in many different ways (ask any Belgian grandmother …. ;-)) So today, I’m sharing one recipe to make it. It was my first time and it went really well! Only I had a bit of bad luck with the meat… sometimes it’s hard to get it soft.

But you have to take your time. You have to have a lot of patience, but your patience will be rewarded, believe me!

What do you need? (4 pers.)

  • 1 spoon of flower
  • a bit of butter
  • 30 cl Grimbergen Blond (BEEERR!!)
  • 1  spoon of mustard
  • 1 kilo beef
  • 4  small onions
  • lots of herbs!
  • pepper and salt
  • oil
  • 3 spoons bouillon
  • 50 g Speculaas (brown spiced biscuits)
 Heat the oil (small pieces) and put your onions…

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BR: Dogtoberfest, Flying Dog Brewery – @FlyingDog (Frederick, MD)

Virginia Brew Review

What, Maryland?  Isn’t this Virginia Brew Review?  Why did we trek all the way up to…oh, Hamilton broke this seal months back, also with Flying Dog?  I happen to think that Flying Dog is the best brewery (that I’ve tried) in Maryland, so I’m actually happy to get to feature them among all the Oktoberfests I’ve been imbibing over the past month.  They’re also perhaps the one brewery tour I feel most compelled to make.  Nothing cheeky to this review, just a darn fine brew worthy of your notice.

Dogtoberfest, Flying Dog Brewery – @FlyingDog (Frederick, MD)
Märzen, ABV 5.6%, IBU 30

Presentation: Bottle pour into a pint glass.

Flying Dogtoberfest

Appearance: Very dark amber, almost closer to a Vienna Lager.

Taste: In addition to wallop of malt and caramel up front, there’s just the tiniest hint of floral/citrus notes both on the nose and the tongue.  If you trust my palate…

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Akita Prefecture Beer Tasting: Tazawako Beer-Kölsch


The great thing about AOI BEER STAND in Miyuki Cho, Aoi Ku, Shizuoka City, is that they not only serve their own craft beers, that is those brwed by Aoi Brewing Co., but also offer all kinds f other Japanese craft beers on tap!


This time they hserve on tap a Germnan-style Kölsch craft beer produced by tazawako Beer Co. in Akita Prefecture!


Served on tap
Barley, malt, hop, yeast
Alcohol: 5 %
Clarity: slightly smoky (normal considering live yeast and being unfiltered), very clean
Color: light orange
Bubbles: very fine bubbles, creamy, longish head, white
Aroma: light and refreshing. Bread
Taste: very light, fresh and fruity attack.
Bread, oranges.
Ends up on a drier note with a little welcome acidity.
Tends to become fruitier with food.

Overall: very refreshing beer for all seasons, unlees you prefer to drink it chilled in summer Frankly speaking there is no need…

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Beer Review: Half Acre Daisy Cutter APA

The Hopmasons


Hi! Apologies for the ridiculous lack of posts. Been very busy with the move, searching for a new job and drinking lots of good beer! I have notes on around 12 beers that I need to turn into reviews ASAP! The first review I have for you is of Half Acre’s American Pale Ale, Daisy Cutter. Currently sitting at #31 on the top APA list on Beer Advocate this is certainly one of the Midwest’s, and Chicago in particular, most infamous American Pale Ales (Three Floyd’s obviously being the most). Nonetheless when I first visited Chicago a few years ago this was one of the first beers I sought out because I knew it would be readily available and I have been very much in love ever since. Daisy Cutter comes in at 5.2% ABV and 60 IBUs.

Appearance: Really hazy orange color with 1 finger head. Really great lacing…

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