Rossland Beer Company – Rossland BC

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Located in the Southern Kootenays in the town of Rossland you will find the Rossland Beer Company.  This small nano brewery may be very new but the owners Petri Raito and Ryan Arnaud are not strangers to craft beer.  Both owned the Trail Brewing Company before opening up this new Brewery.  I was lucky enough to stop into this brewery twice on my trip to the Kootenays as the first time I was there they only had one beer on tap but later in the week they had three.

rosslandbeer-001  rosslandbeer-002

When you walk into the tasting room you will find a small bar with 5 taps with varying amounts of beer to pour (They are just a nano brewery and all) as well as some swag and glassware for sale.  As with all nano breweries it is always hard for this brewery to keep even just one beer on tap…

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