If You’re Making Chili, Be Sure To Use the Right Beer

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Photo by makatcheks. Photo by makatcheks.

One of my best friends is a minister; Kory is in his 40s and has never tasted alcohol before. But when he decided to enter a chili contest a few years ago, he reached out with a question: “What kind of beer do you use to make your chili?”

Yeah, I make pretty good chili. And to me, beer is an essential ingredient. What I’ve found over the years is that different styles of beers can add different flavors and textures. What I do is just choose the beer I want, pour in a twelve ounce bottle once all the other ingredients are there and the chili is ready to simmer.

Oh, and be aware that many recipes just say “one 12-ounce bottles of beer.” Some even say absurd things like “one bottle of beer (such as Budweiser).” These are the ones who aren’t looking deeper for an…

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