For when you’re “Loving it Like That”: (@thebeerofibiza) Islena beer


20140927_194048  20140927_194107

My bottle(s) of Islena come from my sister-in-law, Jess – who always seems to bring a welcome couple with her whenever she comes to visit.  She lives in Ibiza full-time; and as far as I can fathom is loving it like that* 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


First off – the bottle.  It’s made of aluminium yet it is still a crown capped bottle, could this be the way to get around the UK drinkers dislike of cans?  I’m willing to bet that someone will start whacking craft beer into bottles like this soon.  It’s a sure fire winner as far as I’m concerned.

As it states on the website: this is the beer of Ibiza and Ibiza is lucky to have it as it’s a fairly respectable drop – especially when drunk in context: i.e. coolish and in baking weather.

Straw gold it’s a…

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