Craft Beer: Avery Brewing, Ellie’s Brown Ale

The Burrito Tribune


I have to say I picked this brown ale for two main reasons.  One is that I had a family dog named Ellie (as in Ellie Mae from the Beverley Hill Billies, she was…sassy), and I love the chutzpah of Avery Brewing Co. advertising this as “lab tested” (see picture of can above).  I figured this beer was deserving of a little attention.

This is a pretty standard strength (5.5% ABV) brown ale brewed by Avery Brewing in Boulder, CO.  It’s named after their chocolate lab and brewed with fresh Rocky Mountain spring water.

Pouring the beer put a decent head on the glass.  It was a bit smaller than I would have expected from such a dark rich smelling beer, but it lingered for a good while after pouring.  The beer has a sweet scent, so sweet I’d go ahead and push past the molasses comparison and say it…

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