Brew Review – Right on 95 by Wynwood Brewing and Funky Buddha Brewing

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I am becoming more convinced that every Interstate in Florida needs a beer named after it. Orlando Brewing took care of I-4, and Intuition Ale Works has I-10.

Now Wynwood Brewing in Miami and Funky Buddha in Oakland Park have taken care of one of the biggies, I-95. And they’ve done it with Right on 95.

2014-09-21 12.39.34 Right on 95 by Wynwood Brewing/Funky Buddha Brewing

It’s a rauchbier, which means the malt is smoked over an open fire instead of oven-roasted like most malts. And if you like a smoky, almost barbecue-y flavor, rauchbiers are great. So is this one. But… This is Florida.You can’t just leave it at that, can’t you?

Enter mango. The mature sweetness of mango helps to mitigate and accentuate the strong smokiness of roasted malts. It really blends together nicely.

I can’t say that this is a beer I would do an entire session out…

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