Tasting Notes: Brewdog: Russian Doll: Double IPA

Alcohol And Aphorisms

Brewdog Russian Doll Double IPA

Brewdog: Russian Doll: Double IPA (Scotland: IIPA: 8% ABV)

Visual: Browned gold. Moderate off white head and some carbonation mid body.

Nose: Pine cones, resin and bitterness. Crushed digestives. Hop oils and pineapple.

Body: Resin. Pine cones. Pineapples. Kiwi. Brown bread and cake sponge. Vanilla and toffee malt mix. Bark. Barley. Kumquat. Burnt rice.

Finish: Resin. Bitterness. Brown bread. Hops.

Conclusion: Back to malt school. Damn, if actual school had been like this…well I probably still would have hated it, but for different reasons.

This is notably more chewy than the previous beers – the flavours are similar but more intense. There is a much more oily feel, and more hop oils in general – which is intriguing considering the hop levels haven’t actually increased in this beer. The malt influence means it is sweeter as well, the attenuation issue that has bugged the series so far doesn’t seem to…

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