Tiny Rebel -The Full Nelson

The Northern Cap

The Full Nelson The Full Nelson

Tiny Rebel was built from the garage of two chaps in Wales. Although small in numbers, this little bottle packs a punch with the name standing up to the mark.

The Full Nelson is aptly named after its origin and mission. With hops brought in from New Zealand, this international mixture offers a grape taste with a bite. Following this kick, a crisp and smooth finish takes the edge of the citrus burst offering a refreshing close.

With its golden colour and tribal feel, it is going to be hard to come by a Maori Pale Ale in Britain so this is definitely worth a shot.

The bottle looks great, its Maori Mask and in your face attitude shows that this beer can really have a rebelish side to it.

Tiny Rebel have a small collection of their wares online and in their brewery. So if you…

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