Quinoa beer!

Vida Huancaína


Cusqueña, one of Peru’s most ubiquitous national beers, has come out with a special edition made with quinoa!  Quinoa is a grain native to the Andes that is now known and eaten worldwide.  While not the first beer to incorporate quinoa here in Peru (artisanal beer company, Cumbres, also has one), this is the first one that’s been widely distributed and was available at our local Plaza Vea here in Huancayo. For s./ 12 ($4.25), the 750 ml special edition beer comes in a beautifully decorated box and bottle that feature details from Machu Picchu, the icon of the beer company’s hometown.

The beverage itself tastes like…beer. 🙂  That is to say, it doesn’t taste like quinoa-juice, which is actually a common breakfast drink here.  The flavor is decidedly more complex than the other Cusqueña beers, with orange and peach notes, and has less carbonation.  While not mind-blowing, this special…

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