India Pale Ale That Bites Like a Demon: Yoho Brewing Company’s Aooni Reviewed

Now is a good time to let my readership know that I am adamantly opposed to brewing beer with the intention of making it as bitter as an Irish mother.  If you’ll recall Keystone Light advertisements of the past, bitter beer face is something to be avoided. Hops are a wonderful little flower that noble pilsners and American pale ales would be sadly lacking without, but that doesn’t mean they should overwhelm every other flavor note a brew has to offer.

After the pleasant experiences I had with Yoho Brewing Company’s Suiyoubi No Neko and Yona Yona Ale I was looking forward to Aooni even if it was labeled as an India Pale Ale. I’ve had numerous IPA friends from… well… actually I can’t think of any off the top of my head, but I’m sure I’ve had one somewhere that I enjoyed. Perhaps I will have to make it…

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