Hallertau – ‘New Zealand Wild Ale with Horopito’

buzz and hum

New Zealand Wild Ale with HoropitoSo, there I was, in Auckland, on a typically four-seasons-in-one-day Sunday, with no plans for the afternoon. A perfect time, then, to head out west towards Riverhead, to the Hallertau Brewbar and Restaurant.

I’d always been meaning to get out that way every time I’ve been up to Auckland over recent years, but had never quite been able to make the trip. But on this Sunday it was a quick easy drive into the green farmlands starting to flush with spring, to Hallertau’s big shed nestled within an orchard. The complex features a restaurant, bar and the brewery itself, which brews beers not just for Hallertau, but also Liberty as well as a few other contract brews (including, at times, Behemoth), all under the same roof.

The place was bustling, families and small groups all having had the same idea – a bit of a drive with some good…

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