de Molen Dutch beers

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2013-06-24 12.52.19

My favorite beers have to be hefeweizens.  As such my wonderful gf decided to buy me craft beers that are fruity.  de Molen out of the Netherlands met this standard.  All their beers are fruity with many sharing the same characteristics – grapefruits.  The beers are manufactured inside an old windmill, consistently garnering top awards.  Craft beers in the USA are past the infancy stage and de Molen has been manufacturing craft beers prior to this cottage industry taking off.  You buy it to taste the standards which caused craft beers to take a large chunk of market share from the big breweries.  I love the beers but the pricing leaves quite the bitter taste in my mouth which fails to disappear so long as I seethe about the pricing – $40hkd/bottle.

Amerikaans – bitter fruity citrus beer made with hops out of the USA.  I am glad it didn’t…

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