Brew Review – I-4 IPA by Orlando Brewing

Florida Beer Blog

If you spend any time in Orlando, you have come to hate Interstate 4. Hate. Especially during rush hour. Especially downtown and around Millenia. But when it comes to defining the Central Florida area, I-4 is it. It runs from Tampa to Daytona, but it’s that section through Orlando that gives it that notoriety.

Which is why I found it slightly interesting and ironic that Orlando Brewing, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite breweries I still haven’t been to, used it as the namesake for their I-4 IPA.

2014-09-16 18.09.50 Orlando Brewing’s I-4 IPA.

It’s contract brewed in Melbourne by Florida Beer Co., so it doesn’t get the organic label that everything Orlando Brewing does in-house. But it’s still a testament to how well Orlando Brewing does with their brews. It’s got that hoppy bite, with just a touch of a sweetness and a really pretty dark blonde color.

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