Beer – #470 – Sparks Brewing – Frontier Extra Stout

A life just as ordinary

Still to come: Rare beer, staring at my shoes, unfathomable maths, and second thoughts.

Chocolate on the nose, dry and roasted taste with a bitter finish.

I was in the beer shop, Liquorland in Forrest Hill, buying a well considered list of beers, and they kindly suggested that I try what they said was a beer not generally available in Auckland, from a new brewer – Sparks Brewing – their take on a Stout style – Frontier Extra Stout. Of course I believe anything. I check their website and it’s true!

This beer is from Sparks Brewing who are a contract brewer based in Auckland in the style that is of  Foreign Stout

Simply and crisply presented in  a 330ml bottle that contains beer that is 6.2% ABV, so 1.6 standard drink units, coming in at around 180 calories in the bottle.

Rare as beer gets Rare as beer gets

A dark and…

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