Bear Hug Brewing – Hibernation White I.P.A

The Northern Cap

Hibernation Hibernation White I.P.A

Bear Hug Brewery believe in creating a beer that would give a good buzz and maximise pleasure. A similar feeling to that of a Hug. I have to say that i totally felt the warm embrace of Bear Hug’s mission after only one Sip.

Hibernation is a subtle combination of a wheat beer with the hoppy taste of an IPA. It was extremely hoppy with an almost fiery and tingly sensation that hits the tongue on impact. This doesn’t last for long though as the smoothness kicks in after a few seconds allowing you to enjoy the refreshing taste.

Further down the neck we get a tangy taste with a hint of citrus.The sweet punch of hops remains with a certain smoothness allowing a pleasant drink from top to bottom.

The design of the bottle is simple and unique, with the bears claws giving a quick and…

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