Anchor Steam Beer

The Northern Cap

Anchor Steam Beer Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor Brewing prides itself on being one of the unique brewers across the pond. With their different approach to brewing techniques, the end result was a pleasant neutral brew. The natural pale malt with the lager yeast creates an easy going and crisp beer. The steam itself comes from the cooling process of kräusening.

To start, a smooth and crisp taste with a head that gives a light and refreshing drink with not much punch. Half way down the neck, a much more rich and fuller taste begins to come through creating a beer that is easy to sip on.

The Beer itself wasn’t as adventurous as i hoped for but all in all a very simple and complete drink. definitely one of the better lager hybrids on the market.

The label looks nautical, with a real old timey feel about it. A bottle that looks like…

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